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TOP 3 Best UAV’s For Luxury Yacht Charter Vessels

Drone in upper right corner of phone with ocean, a marina full of yachts, and land below - also a cargo jet flies horizontally into left side of center of photo


There’s no escaping them, drones are everywhere.  From sporting events, to backyard parties, and even battlefields, UAV’s are here to stay.

What does UAV stand for?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles



These UAV’s evolve quickly.  They may deliver groceries to my front door someday soon, so let’s hope they develop rapidly.  #UAV inventors are amazing.



Of course, it doesn’t take long for the latest technology and toys to find their way into the world of #luxury yacht charter.   It only makes sense.

As yacht charter brokers, we constantly tout the advantages of private yacht charter vacations.  The benefit is that they go where others cannot.

The reality is this.  There are places that even a yacht (or the yacht’s tender) can’t take you.  For example, exploring deep in hidden caves along the Amalfi Coast, or uncovering new coves to drop the anchor before nightfall rolls in.

There’s also the simple, fun aspect of small UAV’s. For instance,  flying them from the sundeck and filming your kids as they frolic in the ocean alongside your yacht.

Our charter department sat down this week, and after consulting with several superyacht captains, came up with our 3 favorite drones to use and enjoy on a luxury yacht charter vacation.  So before you turn in your guest preference sheets to your charter broker, make sure to jot down your request for one of these UAV’s to be added to the yacht’s inventory of guest toys!

In no particular order:


GoPro Karma drone

1. GoPro Karma
– Many drones are bulky, but the Karma drone has foldable arms and a long flat body that can tuck in tightly inside a tote bag or backpack.  This makes it easy to take on the tender to the beach, or fly from the yacht’s sundeck. Works with the GoPro Hero 4 or Hero 5 cameras.  The video game-style controller makes this model a breeze to use by first timers.


Openrov Trident UAV drone underwater and surrounded by fish and seaweed

2. OpenROV Trident – Thought all drones are for “flying?” Guess again.  Ok…technically this is not a UAV, but it does “fly” along – under the waves.  The Trident by OpenROV is an underwater drone that can cruise at 4 knots and dive as deep as 100 meters.  It comes with a built-in high def (1080 pixel) camera configured for low-light environments.  Considering how much time you spend in the water during a yacht charter vacation, this is a great toy to use to capture sea life and have fun while the gang is swimming and snorkeling.


Airdog UAV drone hovering over 2 people kitesurfing on the open ocean

3. Airdog – Just the name alone tells you this a cool, must-have toy.  Forget the controller – the Airdog flies itself, completely unaided from takeoff to landing. The aim of this UAV is to film you while you are moving (e.g. paddling along on a SUP, bouncing along on a towable toy pulled behind the yacht’s tender, or zipping by the yacht’s beach club deck on a waverunner).  The drone films your every move, by tracking a small, waterproof device called the AirLeash, attached to your wrist.  The manufacturer calls it, “the only drone built for action sports.


So there you have it – from high above, to deep below, and as fast as you want to go – there’s a perfect UAV drone for your next superyacht experience.

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  • U. C-D

    Hello, Thanks for sharing with a blog with us. I learn a lot. Can you please explain in more details about OpenROV Trident?


    • Jana Sheeder Post author

      Hello! I’m so glad that you are enjoying our blog.

      Thanks for asking for more details about the OpenROV Trident. It’s SO fascinating!

      The company says that it:

    • Can dive to 100m
    • At speeds up to 2m/sec
    • 1080p Streaming
    • Weighs 3.4 kg
    • 3 Hr Run Time
    • Fast and Maneuverable
    • Easy to use
    • Durable and ultra portable
    • Currently available for preorder!
    • Fascinating #uav — #drones are a phenomenal way to get excellent #yachtcharter and #superyacht charter photos…above AND below the water

      Thanks again for your comment.



      Jana L. Sheeder
      President and Co-owner
      1-800 Yacht Charters


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