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Small Details Can Make Or Break Your Yacht Charter

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I love yacht shows, but probably for a different reason than most yacht charter brokers.  Sure, it’s a chance to see the newest yachts as they enter the market.  It is also a special opportunity to sample gourmet treats prepared by Michelin-star yacht chefs.  My associates refer to me as a wannabe gastronome.

For me, the real intrigue of attending a yacht show or yacht open house is the chance to watch our company President, Jana Sheeder, as she boards a yacht, inspects the vessel, and meets the crew.


Photograph of 4 people, smiling at the camera. They are standing in the main salon of a superyacht. The three people on the left of the photo are wearing black t-shirts and name badges on lanyards. The person on the right side of the photo is wearing a white blouse and gold name badge.



So what sets Jana apart from other charter brokers?  What is it that allows 1-800 Yacht Charters to innovate beyond the basic rental of yachts and to deliver what we call, The Superyacht Experience™ to our clients?

I’ll let Jana explain our point of difference.


“Attention to detail and focus on perfection are at the core of our business philosophy.  Aristotle is credited with the saying, ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’   We truly believe in the famous philosopher’s message.  It is easy to fall into the trap of analyzing a yacht’s onboard amenities.   Others see features, above benefits. Certainly, items like an ondeck hot tub, an outdoor cinema area, and Hamman spa draw your attention to a yacht, but it’s the small things, some tangible, some more of a feeling, that can make or break the onboard superyacht experience for a client.”   




Here is an example of Jana’s point.   Recently aboard a yacht new to the market, 2016 Benetti motor yacht DREW.   During Yachts Miami Beach (February, 2017), at our city’s premier luxury yacht charter and sales show.  Other guests focused on the yacht’s layout and her unique design components. For instance, the covered seating area and hot tub, positioned on the forward Portuguese deck.  It is different, because it is not on the sundeck-  where most yachts locate their on deck Jacuzzi.  What was Jana looking at?  The soap and lotion dispensers in a cabin’s ensuite bath…


Photograph of a tray of bath products on a yacht. The products are all made by Molton Brown. The tray is beige, and the vanity is light colored marble.


“They provide Jo Malone soap and lotion to the guests,” Jana called out to me.  Later, she would explain the importance of providing quality skincare products to the charter guests.


“An article about the British Royal Wedding claimed Kate Middleton used Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin to scent Westminster Abbey on her wedding day.  I researched the brand and was impressed by the unique, original scents.  It may seem strange to the casual observer, but the brand and quality of the soaps and lotions provided to the charter guests can be integral to the overall superyacht experience – especially for the female guests.  The fragrances provided by the yacht should be subtle, so as not to clash with any perfumes or colognes worn by the guests.  Additionally, the lotions need to have a nourishing texture since the charter guests are exposed to sun, salty water, and outside air much of the time during the cruise.”


As we moved from yacht to yacht, Jana would make notes and take photos of many items and features of the vessel, including the toiletry products displayed in the bathrooms.   She would make a star of approval on her list next to brands like Molton Brown, Byredo, and Aesop Resurrection Aromatique.




Here are other small and seemingly inconsequential items we critique during our yacht inspections.


First, floral arrangements.  Not so much the fact that flowers are displayed, but rather when they are displayed.  We always inquire from the crew if fresh flowers are put out on the morning of the last day of the charter.  This one simple act can have a positive impact on the charter guests, as they feel their last day on board is as fresh and inviting as their first day.

Second, bed sheets and thread count.  Affluent travelers appreciate an experience that mirrors their lifestyle.  The quality of linens, including bed sheets, towels in the ensuites, cloth napkins on the dinner table, etc. must reflect both the yacht’s upscale aesthetic and that of the charterer guests.




Third, personal hygiene.  Many of our charter clients enjoy lifestyles that includes the services of personal attendants. For instance, chefs, maids, butlers, and personal assistants.   These supernumeraries are well-dressed and well-groomed.  Their demeanor and appearance is a reflection of their employers.   When client are onboard, the yacht’s crew assumes some of these roles, especially in terms of waitstaff.  Jana will often discretely look at the fingernails of the deckhands and the stewardesses.  This is to see if their nails are neatly trimmed and manicured.  We also take note of the crew’s uniforms.  Are they new?  Clean?  Ironed and pressed?

Photograph of Jana Sheeder on the dock at a superyacht show. She is looking toward the left side of the photograph. There is a large white yacht behind her.



Many luxury yacht charter vessels have similar layouts and amenities.  Taking a holistic approach to small details has helped Jana and her team focus on continually striving for perfection.  Jana Sheeder realizes attention to details can mean the difference between a good vacation and a truly memorable superyacht experience.



Does a private luxury yacht charter sound like an ideal vacation for you and your family?  Reach out to Jana and our team at 1-800 Yacht Charters.  Call our 24 hour hotline for a live chat with one of our charter consultants.  Call or text  305-720-7245.  We stand by, at your service. 

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